Design matters!

In fact design matters a lot. Why? Because good design and design strategy can make you stand out and make your business move forward!

I offer thoughtful, unique communication and design work, which inspire, motivate and engage the viewer.

The client needs always come first. I work closely with my clients to produce memorable, noteworthy design work which fullfills my clients expectations.

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Whether it is a single item or part of a larger project, I create concept lead strong print communications.

Great attention to details and to typography is my motto!

I put strong emphasis finding the most suitable materials and print techniques which plays an integral role and give a final touch to the whole process.


After careful investigation of your needs, your market and your competitors, I create distinct, tailord creative solutions, focusing on what is special about your company and communicating it effectively.

My work is characterized by clear creative thinking and precision.

It can be one item or a a full scale branding (logos, stationary items, guidlines, flyers, posters or websites). I can do it all!


Information graphic can help you to break the monotony of numbers. Instead of using giant tables which contain large amount of numerical data you can use design tools to shape numbers into diagrams and charts.

A well designed information graphic chart can help you to understand and see connection between data with much less effort.

Information design can come handy in annual reports, research conferences, business meetings, exhibitions just to mention a few.


Moving from 2D to 3D.

The same principals apply to exhibitions design as to graphic design except the designer has to consider a 3D space and working for larger scale. Moving from an A4 paper size to a room size is quite a challenging task!

Exhibition design is a bit like info graphics in 3D. A vast amount of data needs to be presented to the viewer in an engaging and logical way.


For a better web experience we need to follow web standards. More people design by WC3 standards more pleasant the internet becomes.

I try to keep up the rapidly changing web standards and innovation of the web.

I built user friendly, easy to navigate, visually engaging web sites which are up to the WC3 requiraments.

Besides creating a user friendly internet, validating sites are also the basic requirements for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

my photoI studied Biology and worked as a researcher at Columbia University, New York City for six years. After slicing up quite a big number of rat brains to observe them in the microscope, I was mesmerized by the hidden structure of every living and the beauty of all shapes, forms and colors. So I left scienece and started to study graphic design. First I went to Barcelona to study Corporate Identity. Recently I finished a Postgraduate diploma in Visual Communication at London Collage of Communication (LCC).

My background as a scientist also had a big influence on my design style, which is clean and structured with a strong emphasis on typographic detailing. I am also interested in information design, where science and design can coexist.

Besides computer based design I love traditional printing techniques such as letterpress, screenprint, linocut, and collahgraph. I hopes one day I will be a happy owner of Heidelberg Windmill letterpress machine.


Either you are an individual, a scientist, a communication agency, a web developer you are extremely creative individual on the filed of your expertise.

You plan, you research and you execute  with high precision.

I take design as seriously as you take your profession.

Have a look around, and get in touch if you think we could work well together.

Kata Pula
(+33) 06 48 40 94 81
Appt B 16 33 Chemin du Ramelet Moundi


Our web site was designed by KataPult Design We were looking for a fresh, non-traditional look that nevertheless preserves and communicates our scientific vision.

Kata - the person behind KataPult Design - not only designed our entire web site but also our logo, which identifies our extensive scientific team in all our publications and presentations for the larger scientific public.

Kata came up with a very large number of alternative design ideas and we worked together intensively to identify the best solution that pleases our entire ledership team. Despite the often vague ideas we provided Kata delivered a look that faithfully represents our identity.

We will be happy to work together again in the future.

Andràs Fiser
Associate Professor
Albert Einstein College of Medicine



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